CDN strategic and business consulting

Jet-Stream is hired at CEO, CTO, CFO and board level to advise broadcasters, publishers, telecom operators and content delivery networks about their digital media delivery strategy and business.

We use our business and technical experience and our insights in trends to translate your challenges and threats into opportunities and a plan.

That plan is not limited to proposing the deployment of a content delivery network. We are entrepreneurs. We understand that a CDN is not a technical solution but a tool to fit a new strategy, to do business.

The Internet is drastically changing the way people consume and connect. In this decade, the Internet will disrupt and liberate broadcasting, just like it did ten years ago with publishing and music. It is a new era.

Consumers single handedly destroy the existing value chains. This affects everyone in the industry. In our vision, all partners in the value chain have to work together more closely. Not to defend their turf but to meet your customers needs.

Jet-Stream understands these trends and knows how to react. We have the benefit that we have close relationships with both the content producing and publishing industry and with the telecom and ISP industry. We understand your needs and requirements.

We don't only bring these requirements together in our technology, we also help pro-actively by sharing our knowledge and vision, and by bringing our content and infrastructure clients together. 

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