The undisputed leader in licensed CDN: +30 successful CDNs for telcos and broadcasters

For over 10 years, Jet-Stream deployed more CDNs than all other vendors and CDNs deployed together. We built up over 18 years of hands-on experience with CDN challenges, pitfalls and business cases. We learned how global CDN technologies are limiting customers so we invented better technologies.

We have experience with projects from a telecom operators view, but even more importantly also from a system integrators and content owners view. We learned why some CDN business cases have failed and why otherssucceeded, and therefore we can better advise and support our customers.

Multiple models, phases possible but not required
Jet-Stream has experience with CDNs from both extreme ends of the spectrum and any hybrid in between: from operated CDNs to licensed CDN technologies, from managed CDNs to content owners CDNs and from mobile CDNs to federated CDNs. You can choose from a wide variety of operation and licensing models and you are not forced to phase through reselling, managed, licensed or federated levels. Our technology is so easy to install and operate that you can jump right in to a model that fits your strategy today.

Some of our most valued customers, partners and users of our technology and services: NSN, IBM, SBS, Telenet, Activision, Ubisoft, TomTom, Audi, ABN AMRO, NetApp, BlueCoat, Microsoft, ThomsonReuters, ING, Warner Brothers, Vivendi Universal, Buena Vista, Oracle, Adecco, Ajax, Atari Ericsson, KPN, Liberty Global, RIL, Telenor and hundreds, thousands of other key enterprise, broadcasting, media, sports, fashion and telecom brands.


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