With over 15 years of experience in building, operating and monetizing CDNs, Jet-Stream is the number one intelligence provider for telecom operators, broadcasters, system integrators and event organizers. We know a CDN isn’t just about bits and bytes; it’s about lowering costs, generating business, about premium content and ultimately, about keeping your clients happy.

So at Jet-Stream we don't just sell advanced CDN solutions; we help our customers and our industry to gain new insights about trends, risks and opportunities. And by doing so, we support our customers with their strategies, with knowledge transfer and we enable them to make money with our premium, non-vendor locking CDN technology.

CDN Academy
The Jet-Stream CDN academy educates vendors, content publishers, telecom operators and analysts about the CDN industry CDNs: from strategy and business to technologies, from best practices to operating, selling and supporting a CDN. Read more

Strategy and business consulting
Jet-Stream is hired at CEO, CTO, CFO and board level to advise broadcasters, publishers, telecom operators and content delivery networks about their digital media delivery strategy and business. Read more

CDN technology strategy consulting
Choosing and designing a CDN starts with the strategic, tactical and commercial goals. And how you can achieve these: do you have the right knowledge level? Do you have the staff to manage, market, sell and support a CDN? Jet-Stream is hired at CTO level to help with technology strategy. Read more

CDN intelligence provider
We share our insights with the entire CDN ecosystem. Our knowledge sharing via reports, blogs, events and white papers helps the entire industry to look beyond todays requirements and reposition their strategies. It gets their CDN business to a higher level. Read more