The Jet-Stream CDN solution offers true next generation, market leading, premium delivery features, distribution mechanisms, request routing technologies, management features and integration features. Jet-Stream’s CDN Technology is used worldwide by telecom operators, mobile operators, cable operators, internet access providers, wholesale carriers, broadcasters, hosting providers, enterprises and system integrators, for wholesale, retail and hybrid purposes. Read the Jet-Stream technology overview.


Our principle of Open CDN appliances allows a multi-vendor approach, abates vendor lock-in and enables unified delivery. The Jet-Stream CDN technology is software based, making it so open and dynamic that many architecture scenarios are possible: open play. Read more


Jet-Stream uses premium, policies based, managed and flexible distribution technologies offering you the finest granularity and control over resources, storage and backhaul traffic. Read more

Request Routing

Request routing
Jet-Stream invented Rediraptor, the most sophisticated CDN request routing technology on the market where every individual object and live stream is under permanent surveillance for geo-popularity and every individual redirect is calculated and optimized. Read more

Log Processing

Log processing
Jet-Stream CDN technology includes Afterburner a powerful CDN log processing technology that lets you choose to integrate with a wide variety of 3rd party analytics tools and services. Read more

Operations Center

Operations center
Jet-Stream’s unified professional web-based management console lets you manage delivery nodes, do geo-optimization, provision accounts, manage resources, see real-time statistics and oversee and control the entire CDN, thus eliminating the need for a large CDN operations department. Read more

Media Control Room

Media control room
Jet-Stream’s unique web based self service media control room gives content publishers much better insights and control over their content. Our professional APIs allow them to fully integrate their entire digital workflow, eliminating expensive integration efforts and reducing support costs. Read more


Jet-Stream uses advanced, true federation technologies based on open standard API's enabling CDN interconnectivity and federation. To read more, request our CDN Technologies White Paper.