Jet-Stream Origin

Origin servers
Broadcasters and content publishers prefer to host their streaming origins in-house, or with a specialist, instead of outsourcing origin services to CDNs, for these reasons:

  • security: by insourcing origin servers, broadcasters can guarantee content licensors that the content never 'leaves the house' unencrypted
  • independency: by insourcing origin servers, broadcasters can work with multiple CDNs, even in a mixed MultiCDN setup to deliver content, while guaranteeing a unified content experience to users
  • flexibility: with todays http adaptive streaming technologies and origin software platforms, it has become much easier to implement and change content repackaging, encryption and customization, compared to the services CDNs and origin appliance vendors offer
  • cost saving: by insourcing origin servers, broadcasters save on storage and origin costs with (one or multiple) CDNs. 

Jet-Stream Origin
The Jet-Stream Origin Server is a high performance, integrated and unified streaming origin service. It is the ideal solution to prepare your live and vod content to be streamed to any device. A single Jet-Stream Origin Server typically outperforms origin appliances and virtual appliances, and beats appliances on flexibility. A redundant setup of Origin Servers on two separate sites with separate uplink and power connections is advised.

Unified Streaming or Wowza Media Server
Jet-Stream Origin Servers are powered by either Unified Streaming or Wowza Media Server. Both services are world class origin services, and are used by the largest broadcasters for realtime packaging, transcoding and content personalization. These services guarantee a unified and simplified workflow. 

High performance
Jet-Stream Origin Servers are powered by heavily tuned NGINX web services and can be run on physical servers, virtual machines and cloud instances such as Amazon and Azure. 

Jet-Stream enhancements
What you get is a fully configured, tuned and automatically deployed origin service, customized for your specific requirements. Tuning and configuration is done by experts with 20+ years experience in the field of streaming media. 

The Jet-Stream Origin Server is fully integrated with the Jet-Stream CDN platform. What you get with integrated Origins is multi-tenant account provisioning, content analytics (bit rates, file size, screen sizes), content management (vod and live stream listings) and many GUI and API tools to manage users and content. In addition, you get many advanced unified workflow features which enable control over delivery (regardless the used CDNs) such as geo fencing and access control per individual asset. You also get realtime statistics and historical analytics. 

Costs saved
You don't need to buy expensive storage and origin services from (one or multiple) CDNs anymore. You don't need to buy proprietary and inflexible origin appliances from appliance vendors. You have no expenses on internal/external hours on learning, training, installation, configuration and tuning of origin services. 

Efficiency gained
Jet-Stream Origin Servers are installed within a few minutes. Servers come preconfigured and tuned. You save on learning, training, installation and configuration. When using integrated with the Jet-Stream CDN platform, all workflow tools greatly reduce day to day content management, account provisioning, content provisioning and workflow processes.


  • Standalone origin services are licensed competitively.
  • Licensees of the Jet-Stream CDN platform, get unlimited Jet-Stream Origin Server licenses, without any capacity limitation.
  • Note: regular Wowza or Unified Streaming licensing schemes always apply. 


  • Customers of the StreamZilla CDN and MultiCDN services get the integrated StreamZilla Origin service for free, with competitive rates for 4KHD high performance video storage.
  • Jet-Stream offers fully managed (24/7) Origin services at competitive rates. Our fiber network guarantees high performance contribution from your encoders and transcoders. 
  • SaaS licensing for Origin Servers is included for free, without any limitations, for Jet-Stream CDN platform dedicated SaaS customers. Regular Wowza or Unified Streaming licensing schemes always apply. 

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