Operated CDN

Content publishers and content owners want to operate their own CDNs. But they don't have their own infrastructure and they don't have the resources to operate and manage a CDN.

The presented models below are not theoretical models but describe real-life projects. For examples, see our projects overviews

Jet-Stream can house and operate the entire CDN service for you, up to the level that you want us to be involved: 

For European content owners, Jet-Stream offers the premium StreamZilla CDN service. This CDN is fully operated and supported by the Jet-Stream team and is powered by the Jet-Stream CDN technology. Over 600 content owners prefer StreamZilla over other CDNs for their VOD streaming, live streaming, OTT services and mobile content delivery. In contrary to most other operational CDNs, StreamZilla only focusses on premium media delivery and is also able to monetize this service, proving that the Jet-Stream approach works. StreamZilla is very open and transparent: all rates are published online, often followed by other operators: StreamZilla defines the standards for CDN pricing and pricing models in Europe. http://www.streamzillacdn.com

StreamZilla plus
For customers who demand more than a premium CDN service, Jet-Stream offers dedicated resources: dedicated storage, servers and bandwidth guarantee that these customers get non-overbooked, dedicated capacity for their premium services. Our software enables us to offer hybrid services: dedicated core capacity with shared bursting capacity for instance.

CDN in a Box
For the highest demanding customers, Jet-Stream deploys private CDNs within the StreamZilla CDN. In addition to dedicated servers, these customers get a dedicated Jet-Stream CDN management platform which can share resources with the StreamZilla CDN for hybrid architectures. CDN in a Box is fully operated by Jet-Stream and the CDN in a Box customer can provision and manage their own wholesale CDN service. Read more on StreamZillacdn.com

Operated CDN
Jet-Stream closely works with the best datacenter, housing and hosting partners around the world. Jet-Stream designs an architectures and deploys CDN with PoPs in selected locations for customers who want this to be outsourced. Jet-Stream monitors, operates and supports the CDN up to the level that the customer wants us to be involved.

Federated CDN
Any of the above models can be combined in a shared resource / federated model.

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