Managed CDN

Some operators want to own a fully operational CDN but have no resources to operate and support it. Jet-Stream operates its own StreamZilla CDN and also operates various other CDNs for our respected customers.

The presented models below are not theoretical models but describe real-life projects. For examples, see our projects overviews.

We will license the Jet-Stream CDN to you, we will deploy the CDN for you and we will also operate it for you, up to the level that you want us to be involved:

In addition to your CDN's own monitoring and auto recovery environment, the Jet-Stream NOC can monitor your CDN 24*7 as well. Incidents are automatically detected and your Jet-Stream CDN will instantly reroute traffic to alternative nodes without any dependency on DNS. This guarantees a factual higher uptime than any DNS powered CDN can offer. By monitoring your CDN from our NOC as well, we can instantly identify issues and can act and help pro-actively.

Jet-Stream NOC
Senior Jet-Stream operators are on hot standby, 24*7. If an incident occurs, our engineers are alerted instantly via NOC screens, email and text messages. They immediately respond to incidents and will order your remote hands to act if needed. In addition we will do patches and upgrades, run our security routines, tune the CDN's performance and can even provision customer accounts for you. This service guarantees that your CDN is operated 24*7 by trained and senior experts who have direct access to the Jet-Stream CDN senior engineers. 

Customer support
Jet-Stream always offers third line support for licensed and managed CDNs. In addition, we can also offer second line support services so your customers can rely on our expertise and experience.

Do you need advise? Feel free to contact our senior consultants.