CDN intelligence provider

Being a true pioneer and thought leader, Jet-Stream identifies trends related to the CDN, telecom and broadcasting industry. We use these insights to accelerate our R&D so our technology is always leading in the market. 

We share our insights with our customers and our partners. This helps our entire ecosystem to look beyond todays requirements and reposition their strategies. It gets their CDN business to a higher level. 

Public documents
We also share our insights with the entire industry. Our whitepapers, brochures and reports have been labeled as 'the industry bibles for strategies and technologies.' 

Online and social media
Our CDN strategy blog has a large number of high quality followers including industry pundits, analysts and vendors. Follow us on Twitter as well.

We are proud to be the intelligence provider for the most important CDN related summits and events in our industry. We don't sponsor events in general: we share our network and our knowledge and help the event with their program, topics, speakers and publications in return for visibility.

Jet-Stream is invited to speak about CDN related topics on a regular basis. We join round table conferences, breakfast sessions. We chair events and we send speakers for keynotes and panels.

Jet-Stream joins analysts briefings to share our insights. We support breakfast sessions, we support round table discussions.

If you want to contact us for consulting services or for a speaking or chairing opportunity, please click here.