Jet-Stream history

1994 - Pioneering IP video
In 1994, founder and CEO Stef van der Ziel produced his first webcast. It was the first time that someone was able to broadcast live video globally without the backing from cable operators, satellite providers or broadcasters.

1994 – 2000 - Overloading the Internet
In the mid to late nineties, Van der Ziel produced high scale webcasts, which disrupted Internet exchanges, peers and ISP backbones. Global CDNs were not capable of offloading regional traffic. To scale his webcasts, van der Ziel had to invent CDN technologies specifically for live and on-demand video.

1997 – 2002 Premium technology: 2nd generation CDN technology: video
While early CDNs designed their technologies around networking gear, web caching and DNS, we took a next step, focusing on video streaming, premium content, inventing more flexible and advanced CDN core technologies for delivery, distribution, request routing and log processing.

2002 – Jet-Stream: 3rd generation CDN technology: flexibility, openness
Jet-Stream was founded in 2002 to commercialize and further R&D next-generation, premium, content-friendly and telco-friendy content delivery technologies. The company quickly built up a reputation for having the best intimate knowledge and experience with all types of streaming media and CDN related technologies.

2002 – 2007 - First CDN vendor
Jet-Stream invented the market for CDN technology licensing to telecom operators. The company deployed CDNs for cable operators, universities, hosting providers and mobile operators in the Benelux. The company was profitable in its first year and has been ever since.

2004 – present - StreamZilla
Content publishers requested to offer our technology as a service. A demo environment was so popular that it was launched as a commercial CDN in 2004, branded ‘StreamZilla’. Today StreamZilla is the leading streaming media CDN in Europe, servicing hundreds of professional content owners. It is operated by the Jet-Stream staff and offers hybrid services from full-CDN service, to private CDNs within the CDN and remote managed CDNs.

2007 – present – Jet-Stream VDO-X CDN: 4th generation CDN technology: premium CDN
In 2007 Jet-Stream overhauled its proven yet aging technologies, introducing a brand new suite of extremely flexible and advanced core CDN technologies with support for many additional delivery technologies, advanced content replication and relaying, advanced request routing, log aggregation; with the addition of an easy to use web based operations center and a web based self service center for content owners. Ready for a next generation type of CDNs: telco CDNs.

Being a true pioneer, Jet-Stream has accumulated the most experience in the industry with all the various streaming media and CDN technologies. Jet-Stream has the most experience with the dos and don’ts in CDN deployment and operations.

We have deployed CDNs in cable, mobile, telco, hosting and carrier networks. We designed and deployed on-net CDNs, CDNs that span multiple networks, global CDNs, enterprise CDNs, hosted CDNs. We train partners and customers so they can manage their own CDN. Or we manage the CDN for them.

We are pro-active members and initiators of CDN standardization and federation efforts and pilots, we are active members in deep-edge mobile CDN pilots and we are active members of the online net-neutrality community.

We have the most advanced set of technologies compared to the other vendors who are still struggling with their technologies, which are still inspired upon first generation CDNs using appliances, delivery, caching and DNS.