Jet-Stream CDN platform

CDN platform
There are many ways to build a Content Delivery Network. You could go to a hardware or software vendor, and purchase load balancers, DNS servers and edge caches. You can also build a homebrewn CDN using available tools on the Internet.

Commercial or home brewn CDN?
Our experience learns that hardware and software vendors lock you into a rigid platform, forcing you to use all their equipment. Their business models are based upon selling as many appliances as possible. We have also seen many companies try to build a homebrewn CDN. Many failed, and the companies who did succeed, got stuck in very basic and not future proof platforms, often operating many separate servers, web services, interfaces in parallel. 

Jet-Stream CDN platform
The Jet-Stream CDN platform was designed to build flexible, future proof CDNs, with the lowest investment and operational costs possible. It has proven itself for many years, running award winning CDNs on the web, and inside telco environments.

Control plane - Data plane
Most CDNs have quite simple designs: caches and DNS and a basic administrative interface. Because of this design, a lot of intelligence is required inside the edges, for access control for instance. This design also slows down updates and configuration changes. The Jet-Stream CDN platform is a centralised service, abstracting all CDN intelligence from the delivery plane into an active software platform. Origin servers, Origin Shields and Edges are all fully controlled from the central CDN platform. Our design approach greatly reduces complexity in the delivery plane, reducing capex and opex. Changes are always effective immediately, with the finest granularity. 

Instant pooling
Most CDNs use simple and passive technologies to Instant pooling guarantees that end users are always sent to available and performing Edge nodes, without any dependency on and without any delay by DNS. Instant pooling guarantees much higher content uptime towards end users, while greatly reducing operational and SLA costs on delivery nodes.

Intelligent geo load balancing
Most CDNs have very static rules to geo load balance traffic over their edges. They also use load balanced clusters per PoP. The Jet-Stream CDN platform adds intelligence: end users are individually load balanced over the active pool of available delivery nodes. Load balancers are eliminated. Our intelligent algorithm selects the right delivery node per individual request based upon over a dozen parameters such as delivery costs, performance, geo proximity, availability and rights. 

Delivery tiers
Regular CDNs geo load balance traffic to the edge nodes. They are not aware of the popularity of content. The Jet-Stream CDN platform keeps track of the (geo)popularity of every individual live, linear and vod stream. It distributes requests over three tiers of delivery nodes: Core, OverFlow and Edge. By sending requests for non-popular streams to the core layer, and by sending requests for the most popular content to the edges, the Jet-Stream CDN platform dynamically optimizes network bandwidth, cache hit ratios and storage. Jet-Stream CDN platform reduces Edge storage up to a factor 100, greatly reducing one of the largest CAPEX components of a CDN. 

Deep Edge
Regular CDNs can geo optimize down to a per ISP level by relying on AS numbers. The Jet-Stream CDN Platform can go deeper, and can match individual edge nodes not only to AS numbers, but als to IP ranges and even individual IP addresses. This allows the CDN to load balance traffic deeper into ISP and mobile networks, enabling CDN operators to finetune peering costs, on-net ISP bandwith costs and backhaul costs in mobile networks, while improving delivery capacity and performance.

Most CDNs can only deliver to their own edges. Or they can basically redirect traffic to a fallback CDN. The Jet-Stream CDN platform is fully integrated with the largest and leading Global CDNs including Akamai, Amazon Cloudfront, Fastly, Highwinds, Leaseweb, Level3 and Verizon Edgecast. We control these CDNs so deep that they act as if they are our own edges. We automatically monitor load, retrieve access logs, control access and much more. 

Dynamic architectures
The Jet-Stream CDN platform supports many architecture designs, with 1, 2 or 3 tiers, or mixed per geo location. It is possible to build a hybrid delivery MultiCDN solution, where you mix multiple CDNs with edge nodes. All Jet-Stream CDN platform features work, regardless the mix of underlying CDNs and edge nodes. Origin and delivery servers can be configured and deployed on the fly without any downtime. Origin and delivery nodes and third party CDNs can be assigned to individual accounts.

CDN platform building blocks
The Jet-Stream CDN platform is a group of integrated applications for CDN management, databases, request routers log processors, analytics services and monitoring services. 

CDN delivery layer building blocks
The Jet-Stream CDN delivery layer is a group of integrated applications for origin, origin shielding and edge delivery services.

Low cost infrastructure
The Jet-Stream CDN platform is software which can run on two virtual machines for a redundant setup. A typical operational high performance implementation runs on 4-8 common hardware servers. Because the CDN platform is software, you don't need specially skilled engineers or operators for load balancers, storage devices, cache appliances et cetera.

Multi tenant
Most homebrewn CDNs have no multi tenancy. And most commercial CDNs offer basic multi tenancy. The Jet-Stream CDN platform allows you to provision multiple administrators. Admins can provision multiple resellers and assign dedicated or shared origin and delivery resources per reseller. Resellers can provision account owners, and assign a subset of resources, and set individual business logic per account owner. Each account owner can provision users with limited rights to ingest, live stream, manage content, read statistics and access the account APIs. 

Streaming media workflow automation
Most CDNs are generically optimized for web delivery. The Jet-Stream CDN platform is all about streaming. Read more about our media workflow automation here. 

The Jet-Stream CDN platform is licensed based upon hits or upon bandwidth. We offer flexible one off licensing and subscription licenses. The Jet-Stream CDN platform core includes two CDN management servers, and two CDN database servers. Also included in the Jet-Stream CDN platform license are:

  • unlimited number of remote origins
  • unlimited number of Jet-Stream Origin servers
  • unlimited number of Jet-Stream Origin Shield servers
  • unlimited number of Jet-Stream Edge servers
  • unlimited number of request routers
  • unlimited number of log processing and analytics servers
  • unlimited number of monitoring services

Third party licenses required
The Jet-Stream CDN platform is designed upon free and open source tools such as Linux, PHP, Python, Apache, MySQL and NGINX. We have minimized the dependency on third party licenses, except for:

  • Maxmind Geo licenses
  • For each Origin server, either a Wowza or a Unified Streaming license
  • For preview / playback: JW Player

The Jet-Stream CDN platform is offered in two SaaS options:

  • Accounts and reseller accounts are available within 24 hours at the StreamZilla and MultiCDN services 
  • We are offering fully managed and hosted dedicated CDN platforms, including origins, edges and MultiCDN configurations

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