CDN academy

With over 15 years experience and with over 30 successful CDN projects, and by being the only vendor-neutral player in our industry, Jet-Stream is the leading knowledge house in the Content Delivery Network industry. 

You will be trained by the most experienced CDN experts who can cover the entire field from basic to advanced technologies, up to commercial and customer support. The Jet-Stream CDN academy offers these courses:

Streaming Media technologies
Learn everything about formats, codecs, protocols, technologies, vendors, from encoding, servers, clients and workflow automation. Learn about the pros and cons between streaming technologies.
One day course.

An introduction to CDN
Learn about the history and future of CDNs, what CDNs do, how CDNs work, how CDNs are applied and architectured, which players and vendors are in the CDN industry, how they compare and where they fit. We know which vendors are reliable and which of their technologies can really do what they claim.
Half day course.

CDN channel sales training
Learn on a per case basis how to re-sell CDN technologies and solutions in your market. Learn how to position CDN solutions and how to discuss customer strategies and requirements. Learn how to translate customer requirements and specifics into a commercial offering including basic dimensioning, BOM, and TCO calculations.
Two days course.

CDN architecture and dimensioning
Learn how to architect and dimension a CDN based on actual case examples, where network architectures, feature requirements and capacity requirements are analyzed and translated into CDN architecture designs.
Two days course.

CDN technologies
Learn about core CDN technologies: delivery components, delivery architecture, distribution technologies, request routing technologies, log processing technologies and analytics. Learn about the pros and cons about different technologies such as DNS versus active request routing, the limitations of caching, and about more advanced CDN policies, business rules, geo/topo optimization and CDN federation.
Full week course, plus two days refresh course.

CDN installation and configuration
Learn how to deploy and configure delivery nodes and CDN management servers. Learn about best practices to tune and optimize the CDN and how to test the CDN inner workings and integration with networking, monitoring, analytics, billing and workflow systems. After this training your engineers are capable of deploying a CDN.
Four days course.

CDN operations
Learn how to organize your 24*7 CDN operation, how to respond to incidents, how to dynamically re-allocate resources, how to manage and monitor delivery and management servers, how to geo/topo optimize the CDN, how to provision customer accounts, how to monitor the CDN, how to analyze traffic patterns and CDN operations.
Two days course.

CDN sales support
Learn how to sell your CDN wholesale services to prospects, how to help customers with their self service portal, their workflow integration and how to help them with performance issues and frequently asked questions. We analyze your market and propose a sales strategy.
Two days course.