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StreamZilla introduces the largest CDN in the world

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StreamZilla introduces the largest CDN in the world
Streaming delivery specialist teams up with leading global CDNs to build the largest federated CDN
London, October 1 - CDN World Summit high-end streaming provider StreamZilla reduces streaming costs for OTT service providers while improving performance of global audio and video streams by partnering with leading CDNs. The company is transforming to become the broker for global streaming CDN capacity. StreamZilla announces its first multi-CDN within the OTT space.
Multi-CDN unaffordable for most OTT providers
The performance of a single CDN can dramatically fluctuate per region. Degrading streams undermine the business of OTT providers. Therefore large content providers developed a multi-CDN strategy to become independent from their CDN vendor, to lower delivery costs and to improve global performance. They had to spend months and valuable resources to integrate with multiple CDNs, to negotiate contracts and to implement a CDN load balancing infrastructure. CAPEX costs for a multi CDN strategy could rise to ten thousands euros and TCO OPEX costs typically are between five thousand and twenty thousand euros per month. 
Multi-CDN Streaming for the Masses
StreamZilla (http://www.streamzilla.com) partnered with leading global CDNs Level3, Amazon and Leaseweb and others to enable multi-CDN for the masses. Instead of only offering a load balancing service, StreamZilla is a one-stop shop for multi-CDN: content providers sign up for a competitively priced plan, and their global multi-CDN infrastructure is provisioned within one business day, starting at €750 per month including 10TB traffic and traffic prices start at €0,02 per GB.  
Highest Performance, Lowest Costs, Highest Uptime
Through StreamZilla, content providers get a unified streaming CDN management environment which automatically selects the best performing CDN in America, Europe and Asia, depending on performance, capacity and price. The company deployed a global probing network to continuously monitor the performance differences for each CDN per region. In addition StreamZilla bundles a player that uses crowdsourced performance data. Thanks to unique Active Request Routing technologies, end user content requests are individually analyzed and geographically load balanced to the best performing and lowest priced CDN. This guarantees instant switching and much higher uptime compared to passive DNS based systems.
True CDN Federation
StreamZilla is the first true federated CDN, deeply tapping into multiple CDN APIs. The StreamZilla CDN treats its partner CDNs as if they are its own edge nodes, that's how deep the CDNs have been integrated into StreamZilla's infrastructure. Thanks to our engineering, our global CDN partners did not have to implement code and did not have to adapt complex federation standards. For European customers, StreamZilla's own premium infrastructure will be used by default. StreamZilla's federation technologies enable us to deliver deep into Telco CDNs as well.
Premium Streaming Features
Most CDNs have become generic commoditized resources while the OTT industry is demanding specialized streaming services. Thanks to our innovations, any OTT content provider can use all of StreamZilla's advanced HTTP streaming features such as media asset management, origin storage, media parsing, transmuxing, security, realtime statistics and historical reports, regardless the used underlying CDNs. So you get the best of both worlds: the instant provisioning and rich features of StreamZilla, on top of the largest and fastest CDNs in the world.
Streaming Media Workflow
Another key benefit of StreamZilla is the powerful media workflow support. Create and manage sub-users with limited rights. Instantly setup new linear/live streams. Manage access and restrictions per individual title. Integrate your media workflow once through StreamZilla and deliver dynamically and globally over multiple CDNs. Our web based dashboards and APIs are so easy and well-documented that your operational costs are dramatically reduced. 
The Adaptive CDN
The StreamZilla CDN automatically adapts to the client, by automatically loading the correct videoplayer. StreamZilla automatically transmuxes content to the right adaptive HTTP streaming format for each device type. And StreamZilla automatically geo load balances adaptively to the best performing / price ratio CDN. All you have to do is setup your multiple bit rate origin content (VOD and linear) and publish. We do the rest.
Don't choose. Choose StreamZilla. No headaches.
If you choose StreamZilla, you automatically choose all the leading CDNs. All their capacity and performance bundled. This turns StreamZilla into the CDN with the largest footprint and capacity in the world. We dramatically reduce the Total Cost of Ownership for OTT providers. We dramatically improve the performance of their precious media. And we make life much less complex. 
Technology licensing
The Jet-Stream CDN management software -as operated by StreamZilla- is an integrated suite of CDN management technologies, specialized in automating (streaming) content delivery network management, provisioning and media workflow. Our CDN federation technologies are fully integrated in our software: third party CDN load balancing tools and services are no longer required. The Jet-Stream technology is extremely flexible with the smallest possible footprint: you can run our software on 2-4 cloud instances, connect it to our CDN partners and instantly you can offer the largest CDN capacity in the world. Telecom operators can now deploy a unified on-net CDN management solution with integrated global off-net offloading to our CDN partners. Anyone can become a CDN broker: buy wholesale capacity from CDNs and sell global, performance/cost based load balanced capacity. 


Strategy working out
Stef van der Ziel, founder of StreamZilla: "I am very proud that our strategy is working out. Global CDNs would become generic commoditized infrastructures. The only way to compete and win is in volume. My company would not have won such a race to the bottom. Instead I proposed to partner up and enhance these CDNs with our premium features. Our CDN partners have welcomed StreamZilla's approach because we make life for them and their customers less complex. Customers with complex workflows love our features but were hesitating because we had limited footprint. Now we offer the best of both worlds, at very competitive rates. Recently we won a large European OTT project because of our new approach, and because we have been such a long time-expert in the field of streaming. We have always targeted small to medium sized customers in Europe. We are now able to service and support much larger customers and we can help them with their online delivery strategy."
Field Test
Content providers are welcomed to join StreamZilla for a free trial. Try StreamZilla, Level3, Amazon, Leaseweb and others plus all our great enhancements for free. We love your feedback. Please contact sales@streamzilla.com at +31(0)508003311
About StreamZilla
For over a decade, the award-winning StreamZilla has been the selected streaming media delivery partner for hundreds broadcasters, sports clubs, publishers, enterprises, and many other well-known brands. The company is privately owned, successful, fast growing and has always led innovation in this great and turbulent industry. We are streaming on steroids. Streaming is in our DNA. http://www.streamzilla.com

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CDN projects by Jet-Stream

Projects and milestones
Jet-Stream has been involved in more CDN projects than most other vendors have deployed together. We have over 15 years of hands-on experience with CDN challenges, pitfalls and business cases. We have learned how some CDN technologies are limiting customers so we invented better technologies. We have experience with projects from a telecom operators view, but even more importantly also from a system integrator and content owners view. We have learned why some CDN business cases have failed and why others have succeeded, and therefore we can better advise our customers. As the described projects below demonstrate, Jet-Stream has unique experience with CDNs from both ends of the spectrum: from operated CDNs to licensed CDN technologies and any hybrid solution in between.

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StreamingMedia reviews the new StreamZilla

“Most CDNs that call themselves global “with a strong European presence” are simply not really European CDNs.”

“If you are looking for a European solution spanning many of the European borders and offering deep penetration into that footprint you can quickly narrow the list down to include really just one provider: Streamzilla.”

“…close quality control end to end, and under that lead they have more than reached critical mass and have become the “go to” home-grown CDN in Europe.”

“While many of the CDNs have diverged into a range of services, StreamZilla has kept it’s eye firmly on the single sector that was always going to be the most demanding.”

“Check out Streamzilla’s fresh and funky new website and take advantage of their trial to test them out. As far as

“made in Europe” is concerned, Streamzilla is a flagship and goes to show that it’s not only U.S. companies that can lead the market in this game.”

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The all new StreamZilla

Who said CDNs were becoming a commodity?

StreamZilla, our pan-EU streaming CDN just released a brand new website, with many new services and features. In the past months, our StreamZilla team has been working on an array of improvements and innovations. StreamZilla started in 2004 and quickly became Europe’s leading streaming service provider and now enters it’s fourth generation. StreamZilla is a great showcase for our VideoExchange CDN technology. Popular, fast growing, scalable, premium and last but not least: always profitable. Commoditized CDNs can only compete on price. StreamZilla offers competitive rates but competes on innovation and service.

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StreamZilla sneak preview

StreamZilla, the pan-European CDN, finished a major platform upgrade and is about to launch a new website, with great new products and services.

Sneak preview video!