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Finalist, StreamingMedia Awards

Jet-Stream / StreamZilla is finalist in the 2011 StreamingMedia Awards! Thank you all for nominating us and voting for us as the BEST DELIVERY NETWORK.

We won the award in 2008 as well so it is great to hear that we are considered as the best player year after year by our customers and by the industry.

More than 4,000 readers submitted their votes in the awards, offering up their choices among the 281 nominees in 13 categories. The total number of votes was a whopping 14,377.

Thank you all for voting! Join us on StreamingMedia Europe, October 17-23.



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Three Nominations for Jet-Stream

Jet-Stream is nominated not once, not two times but three times for the 2011 Streaming Media Awards! Three nominations is an achievement by itself.

We are nominated for best Server Hardware / Software, best Streaming Services Provider, best Delivery Network.

The Streaming Media Awards nominations and votes are not upon invitation or by jury: it is about people in the industry choosing their favorites.

Thank you all for nominating us. It is great to read that people value our efforts in bringing more premium CDN knowledge, services and technologies to our industry. The nominations themselves are very appreciated!

Jet-Stream won the 2008 Streaming Media Awards for best CDN, beating Amazon.

Help us win in 2011! Vote for all our three nominations here.

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Glashart Open Play | Online TV streams instead of DVB-T | Mobile data plans frustrating mobile video

The Netherlands are leading when it comes to Internet penetration and Internet usage, both in broadband and mobile. Innovations and market developments here are a trend indicator for other countries. In the past few weeks, three very interesting telco and broadcasting related incidents happened:

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Telco networks and CDNs: CAPEX, OPEX


Recently I’ve encountered more and more questions about how CDNs can lower operational costs for telecom operators and content publishers.

Quick conclusion #1: CDNs are not just used to lower costs, they are a strategical (survival in a changing world) and commercial, monetization tool.

Quick conclusion #2: with a combination of an intelligent CDN plus a Transparent Caching platform you can offload up to 50-65% of all the traffic, not just in short term.

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I was forwarded an interesting announcement from 3Crowd:

With the explosive growth of video on the Internet, I don’t see traditional CDNs powering the Internet’s content indefinitely.  In five to ten years from now there should be new technology that allows networks to maximize their strengths and media companies to take charge of their delivery strategy. I see clearly a unified federation between all the networking parties involved.

We couldn’t agree more. This has been our vision and message since 2002, especially the federated concept. Hence our product name: VideoExchange.

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