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Cord cutting Yeas and Nays

Interesting news mail from The Morning BRIDGE

“Cord-Cutting Yeas, Nays & Maybes

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2010-09-24 00:00:00 | Logistics OTT Three Screens Trends

Verizon CEO: cable under pressure

Verizon Communications chairman and CEO Ivan Seidenberg said he sees parallels between the onset of declining cable TV subscriptions and consumers cutting their phone company landlines…

This is exactly what we are describing in our Telco CDN strategies white paper.

Cable is probably starting to experience what we experienced five to six years ago [in voice service], which is the low end is disappearing into other alternatives. The first thing when that happens is, you deny it. I know the drill. I’ve been there.

Young people are pretty smart. They’re not going to pay for something you don’t have to pay for. You’ve got to watch the market… Over-the-top is going to be a pretty big issue for cable.

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Our message is that broadband access providers, cable operators and mobile operators should embrace OTT, not stick their head in the sand. To survive, telcos need a quad-strategy we call ‘Open Play‘. Download our Telco CDN strategies white paper.


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Gizmodo getting the idea

I’ve been writing about (1) (2) (3) the next advancements in OTT content. Especially related to the original and the new Apple TV…

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*** The Telco CDN Strategy White Paper ***

I am pleased to announce that we have finalized our Telco CDN Strategy White Paper. It will be released this week on IBC.

Topics: Zeitgeist, Video kills the Internet Star, Mobile video, Telco Brand damage, Three Screens Strategies, Over The Top, Open Play, Telco Life Cycle, Logistics, On-Net CDNs versus Global CDNs and CDN Federation. It is a must read for anyone in the telco and CDN industry:

Company brochure (PDF, 0,5MB)
Download our new brochure

Company presentation slides (PDF, 3MB)
Download our new presentation

Telco CDN Strategy White Paper (protected PDF)
Request your copy by sending an email to whitepaper@jet-stream.com


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Telco CDN strategy white paper announcement

During IBC (Amsterdam, Sept 10-14), Jet-Stream will release the must-read Telco CDN Strategy white paper for anyone in the CDN and Telco industry.

The document is not technical but visionary and offers many insights and strategical opportunities. The document is specifically written for analysts, writers, members of the board and higher management.

Global CDNs versus on-net CDNs”

Three Screens Strategy”

Video Kills the Internet Star”

“Forget Triple Play, here’s Open Play

“Telcos face brand damage if they don’t embrace OTT”

Four strategical reasons to deploy an on-net CDN”

Send an email to sales@jet-stream.nl to receive a digital copy of the white paper.