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10 years Jet-Stream, 19 years streaming

This week, Jet-Stream celebrates its tenth anniversary!

Jet-Stream was founded on October 2 2003 bij owner Stef van der Ziel.
Our history goes back to 1994:

  • November 4 1994: pioneered the first live internet broadcast 
  • 1996: overloaded the interhet in the Netherlands with large webcasts
  • 1997: built the first CDN to offload the Dutch internet during live streams
  • 2000: built the first federated CDN in cooperation with ISPs, broadcasters
  • 2002: built the first multiscreen OTT encoding and CDN for cable operators
  • October 2 2003: launched Jet-Stream as a new company specialized in CDN
  • 2004: launched the first streaming only CDN: our own StreamZilla CDN
  • 2005: built the first mobile CDN included a DVB-H project
  • 2006: upgraded StreamZilla to be the premium pan-EU streaming CDN
  • 2007: built next generation 'active' CDN technologies
  • 2008: introduced brand new StreamZilla CDN using active CDN technologies
  • 2010: rebranded Jet-Stream, offering CDN technologies to global industry
  • 2011: deployed over 30 CDNs for telcos, hosting providers
  • 2011: trained other vendors on CDN strategy, business, technologies, operation
  • 2012: launched the Jet-Stream CDN academy

StreamZilla and Jet-Stream are successful, respected and innovative companies with loyal customers and have won many awards including Best CDN, Best Innovation, Most Influentual, Fastest Growing, and many more


2013-10-02 17:30:00 | news

Press release: Jet-Stream releases CDN code

During CDN World Summit in London, Jet-Stream CEO Stef van der Ziel announced to license the company’s CDN technology code to the industry. The mission of Jet-Stream is to raise the bar in the streaming media, broadcasting and telecom industries. By sharing the code, van der Ziel aims to stimulate the CDN ecosystem in general to continue to improve and grow and find profitability. Jet-Stream is the very first to release code to the market, and by doing so is changing the rules of the CDN industry’s game.

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2013-09-29 09:19:12 | news

Ten years Jet-Stream

On October 2 2003, Jet-Stream was officially founded as a company.
On October 2 2013, Jet-Stream founder Stef van der Ziel will unveil exciting news during CDN World Summit, London
Stay tuned and make sure you join one of our free CDN academies!


2013-03-18 07:57:15 | news

Jet-Stream News Flash

Jet-Stream news flash:

- StreamZilla CDN welcomes new content publishers who move away from generic CDNs
- Two large licensed CDN projects in final test phase
- KPN and Jet-Stream renew CDN contract, Jet-Stream to manage CDN for KPN
- StreamZilla to deploy additional Dutch focussed streaming platform
- Jet-Stream won lawsuit against copycat
- Jet-Stream nominated for the EU Business Awards
- Prime Minister Mark Rutte visits Jet-Stream
- New licensed retail CDN for one of the world's largest enterprises 

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2012-11-19 17:45:50 | news

Jet-Stream wins important lawsuit

Jet-Stream won an important lawsuit against a former reseller who, among other unlawful and contract-breaking actions against Jet-Stream, infringed upon Jet-Stream technology...

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