2013-02-13 09:15:33 | hardware

The appliance is dead

The appliance is dead...

For many years, the Digital Cable TV and IPTV industry has been dominated by video servers. These specific purpose-built servers ran specific protocols and were optimized for high performance delivery, that could not be delivered by off the shelves hardware. If these digital TV platforms needed to be scaled, they simply added a few servers and hardwired content replication and load balancing. These digital TV systems are very static: integrate once, never touch them again. It was hardly ever needed to deploy extra servers, change the workflow or add additional workflows.

How different is the CDN space, where new technologies, services, protocols emerge every nine to sixteen months, where new PoPs need to be deployed, where new wholesale customers with custom workflows need to be setup on a daily basis, and where new content titles and live channels are being ingested and setup every second. A CDN is like a living organism that changes shape every second and needs to be kept alive and up and running even while undergoing drastic architectural and technological changes.

That requires a different philosophy, a different approach, than traditional IPTV and networking companies are used to... 

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