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Jet-Stream CDN Academy at TV Connect

Last year Jet-Stream launched the CDN Academy. We trained leading telecom operators and vendors such as Ericsson and Liberty Global, and introduced them into the world of CDNs: strategies, business cases, pitfalls and technologies. 

During CDN World Summit Jet-Stream organized a free CDN Academy bootcamp. It was a great success. Of the 300 attendees for the show, over 150 joined the Jet-Stream bootcamp, stating "we learned more in 45 minutes than during the entire event". Other vendors even asked the event organizer if they could get such a sponsor package. But it is not a sponsor package nor is it marketing: Jet-Stream is the intelligence provider in our industry.

We are proud to annouce the second CDN Academy bootcamp, at TV Connect next week. Check out cutthecordoncable.com for this events' theme. Stay tuned on cdnacademy.com for the program and our twitteraccount @jetstreambv for instant updates and CDN related news during the event.

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2012-04-20 20:32:18 | news Event

Jet-Stream Gold Sponsor Content Delivery Summit

Jet-Stream is Gold Sponsor for Content Delivery Summit, May 14 2012, New York

Scott Landman, Jet-Stream Vice President Americas will address the economics of deploying Content Delivery Networks for telecom operators and content publishers. 

Jet-Stream deployed over 30 CDNs for telecom operators and broadcasters across the globe. These CDNs aren't just operationally successful, but commercially as well, with up to 45% profit margins. With this unique experience, we know where to cut costs and we know which models do and don't work.

What are the major cost factors? Which factor is the most expensive: network, delivery servers, CDN management, workflow integration, deployment, support or operation? How can CDNs be optimized to optimize and offload the network? How can CDNs eliminate overhead equipment costs? What are the economic pitfalls of Internet CDNs and vendor CDNs? Why are Internet CDNs unable to lower their capex and opex? How expensive is building a CDN from scratch compared to buying off the shelves technology? How can operational and support costs be minimized? Which one is really cheaper from a TCO perspective: COTS or appliances?

Which factors are key for commercial succes? Why is it a bad idea to build a business case on traffic alone? Why have Internet CDNs been unable to turn their business into sustainable profitability? How to prevent becoming a commodity? Do you need both a retail and a wholesale strategy? Does CDN federation really bring new revenues? Is it enough to be reactive or do you need to proactively build a product strategy? How do best effort CDN technologies and locked in CDN technologies limit a serious business case?

Make sure you join Content Delivery Summit! http://www.contentdeliverysummit.com/2012/

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2012-03-26 18:21:00 | Event news

BroadThinking 2012

BroadThinking is the event where the worlds of broadcast and broadband meet.

CEO Stef van der Ziel speaks about the future of IP video.
P2P failed to deliver. Internet CDNs fail to deliver. Broadcasters don't like transparent caching.
Premium content deserves premium CDNs, operated by telcos.

Stef van der Ziel is talking about QoS and SLAs, enabled by premium operator CDNs.
Download his presentation (PDF 800K)

EBU BroadThinking
28 March -29 March 2012

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2011-10-10 00:00:00 | Event Awards

Jet-Stream in The 100: most influential, most innovative

The 100!
Jet-Stream is listed as one of the 100 most influential and most innovative companies in video, which have had the most impact on the space in the recent past and are likely to continue to do so in the future.

The 100 is not a top 100. Since the video ecosystem is so wide, ranging from encoding to playback, from statistics to operations, being listed means that Jet-Stream is recognized as the though and technology leader in our segment: CDN services, CDN knowledge and CDN technologies.

“The companies in the Streaming Media 100 represent many different pieces of the online video ecosystem,” says Streaming Media editor Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, “but they all have one thing in common: The world of online video today would be markedly different without any of them. Each one, in its own way, has made the online video industry what it is today and is pushing it towards the future.”

Jet-Stream in the top 100: most important and most innovative

Join StreamZilla on Streaming Media Europe, London, Oct 17-19
StreamZilla doesn’t have a booth but we will be very visible this year, both via on-site presence and by taking part of several panels in the Content Delivery Summit and Streaming Media program.
Contact us for a meeting.

Join Jet-Stream on CDN World Summit, London, Oct 25-28
Jet-Stream is Intelligence Provider for the event, our CEO will be your chair for the Mobile CDN focus day and we plan to announce a lot of news around Licensed CDN, CDN services, CDN knowledge, CDN ecosystem and CDN projects.
Contact us for a meeting.


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CDN projects by Jet-Stream

Projects and milestones
Jet-Stream has been involved in more CDN projects than most other vendors have deployed together. We have over 15 years of hands-on experience with CDN challenges, pitfalls and business cases. We have learned how some CDN technologies are limiting customers so we invented better technologies. We have experience with projects from a telecom operators view, but even more importantly also from a system integrator and content owners view. We have learned why some CDN business cases have failed and why others have succeeded, and therefore we can better advise our customers. As the described projects below demonstrate, Jet-Stream has unique experience with CDNs from both ends of the spectrum: from operated CDNs to licensed CDN technologies and any hybrid solution in between.

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