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Persbericht: Nederlandse Jet-Stream slaat vleugels uit

Nederlandse Jet-Stream slaat vleugels uit

Groningen, 2 November 2011 - Het Nederlandse Jet-Stream sleepte nieuwe orders voor haar technologie binnen. De orders komen vanuit vele landen, van Brazilië tot Rusland en van India tot Scandinavië. Daarmee beconcurreert het bedrijf succesvol grote wereldspelers zoals Cisco en Alcatel.

Jet-Stream ontwikkelt zogeheten 'Content Delivery Network' (CDN) technologie. Dankzij deze software kunnen telecom bedrijven, uitgeverijen en omroepen televisie en video op grote schaal via Internet distribueren. Omdat video consumptie op Internet snel groeit, is er grote behoefte aan deze slimme technologie: anders loopt het Internet vol en krijg je filevorming.

Je zou het misschien niet verwachten maar Nederland is de bakermat voor internet video: Jet-Stream is een pionier op dit gebied: al in 1994 werd door de oprichter de eerste live internet uitzending verzorgd, vanuit Groningen.

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CDN projects by Jet-Stream

Projects and milestones
Jet-Stream has been involved in more CDN projects than most other vendors have deployed together. We have over 15 years of hands-on experience with CDN challenges, pitfalls and business cases. We have learned how some CDN technologies are limiting customers so we invented better technologies. We have experience with projects from a telecom operators view, but even more importantly also from a system integrator and content owners view. We have learned why some CDN business cases have failed and why others have succeeded, and therefore we can better advise our customers. As the described projects below demonstrate, Jet-Stream has unique experience with CDNs from both ends of the spectrum: from operated CDNs to licensed CDN technologies and any hybrid solution in between.

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2010-12-29 00:00:00 | Business Technology Cooperation

CDN Vendors Partner Program

Jet-Stream is launching a unique CDN Technology Vendors Partner Program:


Most CDN technology vendors lock their customers into their own proprietary delivery technology: a caching box or a delivery appliance. Actually, the background of these vendors is in delivery (software or appliances) instead of in true intelligent CDN technology.

In the real world however, delivery technologies change dramatically…

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Bad way to do business

Shame on you A/L…



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Comcast vs Level3

Level3 took over the Netflix deal from Akamai. By undercutting Akamai’s pricing. That’s how they get their business, they buy market share purely on price. They have been offering CDN services at price points so low (isn’t price dumping illegal?) that there has to be a catch. And there is. Access providers are paying the bill.

I’ve been writing about this topic in general before, and it is my opinion that Level3 is falsely stating net neutrality abuse and is itself the cause of the problem with Comcast. Comcast wrote this to the FCC (which is the Goverment Communication agency in the USA).

Let’s go back to the basic principles of the Internet:

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