2012-09-10 15:00:28 | academy

CDN Academy Bootcamp

Jet-Stream is the intelligence provider for CDN World Summit, the largest and most important event in the Content Delivery Network industry.

This year Jet-Stream takes its role as intelligence provider even more seriously: we are organizing a second track next to the main track.

Many new companies are planning to enter the CDN market. However the knowledge level is low. And that is not so strange: many existing CDNs have attempted to become profitable for years. How can you expect that newcomers have all the knowledge even when many veterans are still struggling with the fast pace of technologies, the strategic pitfalls and the commercial challenges?

Jet-Stream to the rescue. With our unmatched expertise and track record in deploying, managing, operating commercially successful premium media delivery networks, Jet-Stream is proud to present:

on CDN World Summit, October 2-4, London

Check out cdnacademy.com for the program. 
Register now since we have limited seats!!!

Register here for free: cdnacademy.com

* Free for all registered visitors of CDN World Summit. Jet-Stream reserves the right to deny access or change the program.

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2012-08-07 10:32:42 | Technology

Jet-Stream WebAcceleration

Jet-Stream is proud to announce a new product: WebAcceleration

  • Powered by the industry leading NGINX engine, purpose tuned and optimized by Jet-Stream
  • 20Gbps performance on new 1U <60Watt peak servers
  • Brand new modern core management engine with full automatic cache and DNS provisioning
  • Intelligent geo optimized DNS based request routing engine
  • IPv4 and IPv6 fully supported
  • Easy interface to manage nodes, groups, networks, provision accounts and accelerate websites
  • Deploy, install, configure and go in days!
  • Can share server resources with the VideoExchange CDN
  • ... 

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2012-08-02 10:30:38 | Technology

New Jet-Stream VideoExchange release

Jet-Stream is proud to announce version 10.7 of our industry leading CDN software. This release introduces many new innovative core technologies around HTTP adaptive streaming. 

Commodity or Premium?


Virtually all Internet CDNs have a very hard time with monetization of video delivery. Most Internet CDNs are unprofitable; some subsidize CDN service through other revenue streams, for instance, from their connectivity business. Others rely on investor subsidies for their CDN service survival. So if CDNs make money, it has not been from premium video delivery, but rather from their enterprise services, dynamic acceleration and cloud service offers.

Which begs the question; is CDN video delivery now a commodity? Yes, if you buy CDN video delivery capacity from one of any number of large Internet CDNs on a best effort platform, using good enough internet, with best effort caching and best effort request routing with mediocre control panels and APIs. But these are poor services.  Jet-Stream perceives a trend: Investment in internet CDNs video delivery functionality falls: because it is simply profitless. 

Does this mean that all CDNs fail to commercialize video delivery? Not at all!

Telecom operators need CDNs to offer all-screen services and to open their CDNs for wholesale scenarios to for customers and subscribers. These telcos need an on-net CDN anyway and the investments here are backed by IPTV and digital cable revenues. They incur no direct CDN running costs: they already have a network plus next generation CDN technologies enable them to roll-out and operate Terabit-sized CDNs at minimal cost compared to that which Internet CDNs have spent.

StreamZilla, our 100% Jet-Streams' owned CDN platform only delivers video. At profit margins in excess 45% per annum since launch, it demonstrates organic growth of over 1600% during the past five years as proof that profit is possible. How did StreamZilla manage this without the benefits that telcos have? We made a very important decision: innovation.

The Jet-Stream VideoExchange CDN suite is a unique solution, built from scratch for pure, premium media delivery. We deliberately and completely ignored legacy technology choices and invented totally new core CDN technologies for distribution and request routing. Our API's and self service web interface consoles  are designed to integrate media workflow, so that broadcasters tap directly into the CDN and control it as they require. As our core focus is on premium media delivery it means the demands of 99.999% uptime and ultra performance are totally satisfied.

No other CDN vendor offers such simple interfaces, ease of control or intelligence, because their legacy underlying core technologies makes it impossible for them to deliver the same control, granularity and performance that an innovative,  ground up Jet-Stream development gaurentees operators. 

Of course innovative technology is nice if it serves a purpose. Jet-Stream's focus has always been the business case as opposed to your average box vendor: how does technology help telecom operators and broadcasters turn their services into a successful business? A key question Jet-Stream asks repeatedly before we invent new features and launch them to market. 

So going back to the question: are CDNs a commodity? Yes because you can buy video delivery services from many CDNs. The great development in the industry is that the technology is available at low costs, for anyone. It means that telcos and broadcasters can deliver independently. However, commodity also implies that all CDN services are homogeneous. Fortunately, this is untrue as Jet-Stream proves over and over again, since Quality of service (QoS) and rich features differentiate us from other delivery vendors and one which we prove daily against best effort, loss-leading Internet CDNs.

So expect Jet-Stream to continue to innovate video delivery. Just another example of how we take HTTP adaptive bit rate (ABR) streaming to a whole new level:

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2012-06-15 19:42:24 |

Jet-Stream office party

Thanks to everyone for all the fun we had!

For pictures of the new Jet-Stream office and the party, see these links:

New office pictures

New office party

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2012-06-05 17:51:39 | content provider CDN

Content Publishers CDN

Today, Netflix announced OpenConnect, a way for Internet Access providers to extend Netflix own CDN:

This is very much in line with the trend that Jet-Stream predicted: Content Publishers want to be in full control of their workflow chain, right down to delivery and deploy their own CDNs: cutting out the man in the middle: the Internet CDNs!

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