2012-10-05 09:00:37 | news presentation

Jet-Stream Keynote

Jet-Stream CEO Stef van der Ziel presented his keynote speech during CDN World Summit.

He gave an update on the status of Jet-Stream, new products and his vision on Broadcast Grade CDNs.

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2012-10-03 11:19:47 | Technology news Press Release

Jet-Stream unveils new product line

London - CDN World Summit

Jet-Stream unveils new CDN product line

CDN industry thought and technology leader Jet-Stream today announces a new product line to help CDN operators to further reduce costs and professionalize video delivery network services.

Jet-Stream VideoExchange: the premium CDN
et-Stream announces the direct availability of VideoExchange 10.7, it's flagship media delivery network management solution. The new release focusses on advanced HTTP adaptive streaming technologies, adding exclusive new features to improve manageability, performance and availability of Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, Microsoft Smooth and MPEG DASH technologies.

VideoExchange 10.7 is being deployed in one of the largest telecom operators in the world, is also being deployed to replace the existing Telenor CDN and existing Jet-Stream licensed and managed customers are going to upgrade to v10l.7 and extend their contracts with Jet-Stream.

VideoExchange is the widest adopted CDN technology with over 30 deployments and brings unmatched broadcast grade technologies that go beyond the best effort technologies that other CDNs and vendors offer.

VideoExchange is a meta CDN that supports a wide range of delivery vendor products, guaranteeing agility, flexibility, 100% compliancy and future proof operation in a volatile industry.

The solution reduces CAPEX and OPEX to the maximum. Jet-Stream is further positioning VideoExchange as the premium CDN solution, raising licensing rates.

Jet-Stream WebAcceleration: high performance, low cost CDN
Jet-Stream announces the direct availability of a new product: Jet-Stream WebAcceleration. This high performance caching and DNS based system is the easiest to deploy and operate CDN solution in our industry. It fully supports retail and wholesale usage and helps content providers hosting providers, telecom operators and CDN operators to offload their web and HTTP streaming platforms, to reduce costs and to monetize CDN services.

Jet-Stream WebAcceleration is going to be deployed in one of the largest telecom operators in the world and can run standalone or side by side with the Jet-Stream VideoExchange solution. The solution is fully webbased manageable and dynamically auto provisions updates to caches and DNS servers.

Jet-Stream WebAcceleration is powered by the popular NGINX caching engine. Most CDNs rely on Squid but that technology is getting outdated. NGINX is used by next generation CDNs including Netflix. Jet-Stream closely works together with NGINX, further tuning and enhancing NGINX for premium HTTP adaptive streaming technologies. Some modules will be open sourced and will be used by one of the worlds' largest global CDNs. Other modules are kept proprietary by Jet-Stream.

Jet-Stream is positioning WebAcceleration as a high volume, lowest CAPEX, lowest OPEX solution. WebAcceleration will be priced very aggressively, allowing anyone to enter the CDN industry, start monetizing content delivery services and start reducing traffic loads in their networks.

Jet-Stream OpenCDN Appliance: future proof, agile, compliant, reliable and high performance.
Jet-Stream unveils 'project EscapeVelocity': The OpenCDN Appliance is a next generation unified media server, offering 20Gbps performance consuming less than 60watt at peak.

The OpenCDN appliance natively runs all popular delivery technologies including NGINX, Wowza Media Server, Adobe FMiS, Internet Information Server, Windows Media Services, Apache and many others.

This native parallel services plugin model guarantees 100% compliancy, future proof operation, maximum agility and flexibility in a very volatile industry that faces disruptive technology changes every 9 to 16 months.

The Jet-Stream OpenCDN appliance is a major upgrade of the unified Jet-Stream XL media server with added tuning and acceleration enhancements. XL Media Server is the first unified media server in the industry, leveraging over 12 years of unbeaten uptime, performance, reliability, future proof guarantee, agility and compliancy.

The Jet-Stream OpenCDN Appliance will be positioned above existing vendor solutions: premium means premium. The Jet-Stream OpenCDN Appliance will be also be made available as a very aggressively priced open components system so CDN operators can use COTS components to minimize costs in the delivery layer.


Integrated solution
The Jet-Stream OpenCDN Appliance can be used by both the Jet-Stream VideoExchange and Jet-Stream WebAcceleration CDN solutions, at the same time, further reducing CAPEX and OPEX in the delivery layer.

Stef van der Ziel, CEO of Jet-Stream says that telecom operators, content publishers and CDN operators face three challenges:

"The first challenge is to move from best effort to premium delivery infrastructure to enable end to end SLAs and QoS throughout the value chain. Our VideoExchange solution is the only product on the market that enables this."

"The second challenge is to reduce costs in operations and infrastructure. All our solutions bring maximum efficiency in operation and workflow automation. We also eliminate all costs in overhead hardware and with our OpenCDN appliance we disrupt the industry by enabling flexibility and agility while further reducing costs to the minimum.

"The third challenge is the entry barrier and monetization. Most CDNs have never seen any profitability. Jet-Stream knows how to turn CDNs into profitable businesses and introduces the WebAcceleration at disruptive prices. Our goal is not to sell appliances but to enable anyone to become a profitable CDN."

About Jet-Stream
Jet-Stream researches, develops and licenses next-generation Content Delivery Network (CDN) technologies. These technologies enable publishers, broadcasters and internet providers to scale and professionalize video delivery over the web and mobile networks. Jet-Stream technology is used by many IP network operators around the globe to offload traffic on their infrastructures and to monetize premium content delivery services for three screens IPTV, mobile content, web content and OTT content. The award winning StreamZilla CDN is operated by Jet-Stream. For more information visit www.jet-stream.com and www.streamzillacdn.com

Media Contacts
Caroline van Houten
Marketing, Jet-Stream
Tel +31 50 5261820

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2012-10-01 17:31:07 | news

CDN World Summit 2012

Jet-Stream plans to anounce many new partners, projects, technologies, products, services and solutions for the CDN industry on CDN World Summit 2012 in London.

Jet-Stream will actively post CDN industry news, rumors, announcements and comments on Twitter and Facebook so follow us to stay up to date!

Jet-Stream is Intelligence Provider, Registration Desk Sponsor and is organizing the exclusive CDN Academy bootcamp track. Our hostesses will help you find your way to registration and the bootcamp room. 

Jet-Stream invented licensed CDNs in the late nineties. Our technology is deployed in many networks across the world and powers many retail and wholesale CDNs: even when vendors claim their customers CDN run on their technology, the core of the CDN is actually powered by Jet-Stream. We deployed more CDNs than all other vendors together! Even existing CDNs turn to Jet-Stream to improve their video delivery infrastructure.

Running our own commercially successful premium video delivery network for almost a decade, and with licensed and managed CDNs for over a dozen years, with active deployments for over a dozen years (still up and running), our expertise and experience is unmatched:

Jet-Stream knows what it really takes to deploy a CDN: technology, strategy, operations, sales and marketing: we have seen telco and vendor pitfalls and we know the success-stories. 

Follow us on Twitterand Facebook to stay up to date!

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2012-09-25 12:55:54 | OTT

OTT costs?

In an article on Advanced Television, an analysis of IHS Screen Digest reveals that the costs of OTT would rise to uncompetitive levels when they need to be scaled up to broadcast volume levels.

The reasoning is that traditional broadcasting is delivered via multicasting and that OTT is delivered via unicasting. 

That is wrong. First of all, only linear content can be distributed via multicasting: VOD, trick play, replay TV, delay TV etc: all relies on unicasting delivery, whether it is delivered as a traditional cable or IPTV service or as OTT services.

The reality is that most OTT content actually is not linear content anyway....

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2012-09-13 13:33:20 | news

IPTV News interview

Stef van der Ziel, founder and owner of Dutch content delivery network (CDN) services provider Jet-Stream, was interviewed on the lack of profitability for Internet CDNs from media delivery, the (lack of) business case for CDN federation, and the pitfalls of licensed CDNs.

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