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The appliance is dead

The appliance is dead...

For many years, the Digital Cable TV and IPTV industry has been dominated by video servers. These specific purpose-built servers ran specific protocols and were optimized for high performance delivery, that could not be delivered by off the shelves hardware. If these digital TV platforms needed to be scaled, they simply added a few servers and hardwired content replication and load balancing. These digital TV systems are very static: integrate once, never touch them again. It was hardly ever needed to deploy extra servers, change the workflow or add additional workflows.

How different is the CDN space, where new technologies, services, protocols emerge every nine to sixteen months, where new PoPs need to be deployed, where new wholesale customers with custom workflows need to be setup on a daily basis, and where new content titles and live channels are being ingested and setup every second. A CDN is like a living organism that changes shape every second and needs to be kept alive and up and running even while undergoing drastic architectural and technological changes.

That requires a different philosophy, a different approach, than traditional IPTV and networking companies are used to... 

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Best wishes from Jet-Stream

Jet-Stream had an incredible year, winning and delivering large CDN projects for world leading telecom operators and getting HTTP streaming software enhancement orders from global CDNs. Our existing customers prolonged and upgraded their licensed and managed CDN contracts with Jet-Stream.

The company growth was extremely strong. We are definitely leading the licensed and managed CDN business, not just visionary and technically, also economically and profit-wise. Our CDN academy was very well received by leading telecom operators and system integrators.

StreamZilla has a very loyal customer base as well and saw new, larger content owners switch from generic global CDNs to our premium video delivery services thanks to ease of use, premium performance and uptime and professional customer support. Churn to other CDNs was zero.

Jet-Stream released major upgrades of our industry leading CDN technology, introducing innovative support for more advanced HTTP adaptive live streaming services. We also introduced a new CDN product specifically aimed for extreme volume, low cost web acceleration for telecom operators.

All in all a very productive year for us while the globe is in an economical crisis and the CDN industry is getting hit as well, where other vendors saw forced to sell the company or switch to transparent caching or had difficulty in transforming from static IPTV systems to dynamic CDNs. 

We especially want to thank all our customers for their loyalty to Jet-Stream and their trust in our knowledge, experience, technology and staff. 

Jet-Stream sees many opportunities for 2013. Even though it is crisis, Jet-Stream has the resources to invest deep in infrastructure, R&D, operations, sales and marketing. 

Talking about marketing, we sent a very limited number of people in our industry a small present. A very exclusive and limited remote control...


Cut the cord on cable!


Cable TV is so 2012. The future of television is streaming.

Help the revolution of television and cut the cord on cable.

The future is Jet-Stream. Happy New Year!



Best wishes and thank you for flying Jet-Stream!

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2012-11-19 17:45:50 | news

Jet-Stream wins important lawsuit

Jet-Stream won an important lawsuit against a former reseller who, among other unlawful and contract-breaking actions against Jet-Stream, infringed upon Jet-Stream technology...

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2012-11-08 08:24:28 | news

18 years streaming

This week, we celebrate that Jet-Stream founder Stef van der Ziel produced his first webcast in 1994

Time for an interview with Stef (39): "Eighteen years streaming media?! I am getting old :-)"

He is outspoken, down to earth, creative and ambitious. His two companies, Jet-Stream and StreamZilla, are regarded as the most influential in the content delivery and streaming media industries. 

• How did you manage to squeeze in your companies in an industry that seems dominated by giants such as Cisco and Akamai? 

"Large companies can't innovate. They can only try to execute... 

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2012-11-05 11:31:39 | news Trends content provider CDN

2013 trends in CDN

Jet-Stream analyzed the current CDN space and is sharing new insights in this article:

2013, trends in CDN

The article covers:

- Traditional Internet CDNs focussing away from video

- Telcos focussing on cloud based infrastructures

- Content Providers CDN

- QoS versus QoE

- And many other insights. Click below for the article!

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