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Video cause 20-fold traffic increase in 4 years

DE-CIX, The German Internet exchange, among – if not the- largest Internet hubs of the world, is expecting data traffic to increase 20 fold by the end of 2015. An important point that drives the yearly doubling of Internet traffic is the increasing HDTV content broadcasts – the number of terminal devices with high definition capability is going to explode in the coming years…

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Orange buys DailyMotion

Interesting development in France. Orange (France Telecom) plans to buy stakes in Dailymotion, which is (according to them) the second largest video site in the world next to YouTube.

Whether a User Generated Content portal can really enable a full three-screens OTT strategy, we will see.

We have seen other telcos successfully rollout video platforms, for instance our StreamZilla powers GarageTV, the #1 video portal in Belgium (bigger than YouTube in Belgium, Telenet told us).

Read the full press release here: http://www.orange.com/en_EN/press/press_releases/cp110125en.jsp


2011-01-18 00:00:00 | Technology

VideoExchange 10.5 release

Jet-Stream announces the availability of a new version of VideoExchange, it’s industry leading CDN technology.

VideoExchange 10.4 focussed on scalability and improvement of the CDN engine core.

VideoExchange 10.5 builds further on top of the rock solid core of v10.4 and is more focussed on new features: HTML5 support, open source standards support, intelligent adaptive bit rate support, Smooth Streaming support, mobile clients support, improved API integration and improved reporting and statistics.

If you want to test drive these new features, you can request a test account on our updated trial platform through sales@jet-stream.nl.

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2011-01-12 00:00:00 | Technology

Google drops H.264 support in Chrome

Google announced to drop H.264 support in Chrome.

Whatever you can say about quality and openness between H.264 and WebM, fact is that Google is warping the Internet back into the nineties with a new codec war. Google may win but the Internet loses.