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EU Mobile tidbits

Vodafone transcoding video

Last week Vodafone subscribers complained about video performance. Videos in some formats did not play or had terrible performance. According to Vodafone they were blocking specific content formats by mistake and the problems should have been solved. The company said it has nothing to do with their on-the-fly media transcoding system.

The company is deploying Bytemobile video optimization technology which degrades video quality based upon the end users device capacity. I wonder if content owners and content publishers know about this and if they let mobile operators keep touching their content.

Nine hour T-Mobile outage
Yesterday, T-Mobile NL had a nationwide outage yesterday, which lasted for nine hours. According to T-Mobile a conflicting subsystem in their main dispatch caused the outage. Over two million subscribers were not able to call or text message and mobile data was interrupted as well. After the issue was found, T-Mobile turned on subscribers in batches, many of whom were woken in the middle of the night because all their text messages came through once their connection was re-established.

Mobile Operators pushing WiFi. Or not?
An increasing number of mobile operators have started to offer paid WiFi services for hotel chains. Premium hotels used to offer free WiFi, but an increasing number of hotels are now charging extreme rates like €10 per hour for (crappy, slow) WiFi services. I heard the EU is looking into this because it looks like mobile operators are abusing this position to force end users to pay extreme amounts for data either way via the Hotel’s WiFi or via their 3G service.


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Cisco repeating our message


Jet-Stream’s VideoExchange CDN software takes CDN to the premium level, far beyond Cisco’s offerings…


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The Six trends in CDNs: download now

Today Jet-Stream released a new document about the Six trends in CDNs and how Jet-Stream VideoExchange technology addresses these trends:

  • From best effort to premium
  • From Global to Regional
  • Three Screens
  • Video, video, video
  • Global CDNs and Telco CDNs
  • Mobile Delivery


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Time Warner Cable to launch live TV streaming app for iPad

Time Warner Cable is opening up their walled garden cable tv service to other devices, starting with the iPad. The service will still be locked to the consumers’ home.

Their iPad app will be a free to download and will only work for people who subscribe to both video and Internet services from TWC. The service only works when the iPad is connected to the company’s cable modem via a Wi-Fi router. I bet people will find their way around this.

This is a nice first step. But eventually subscribers will want to be able to consume the content beyond their home area. Subscribers will want more choice and open access to content services beyond those channels and titles contracted by TWC. But still with the QoS that traditional digital cable can offer.

More details here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110314/ap_on_hi_te/us_tec_time_warner_cable_ipad_app


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Telco Delivery Network article online

Dom Robinson wrote an excellent article about Telco powered Content Delivery Networks for Streaming Media Magazine.

Read the entire document here: http://www.streamingmediaglobal.com/Articles/ReadArticle.aspx?ArticleID=74212